Assign color families to any custom data you bring to Jirav

New: Colors for Custom Data

One of they key benefits of Jirav is the ability to pair non-financial data with financial data to tell a more comprehensive story of a business. We just released the ability to assign color families to any custom data you bring in, making the charts even more colorful and cohesive.

In the example above, we have a company that sells cameras and that's what drives their Revenue and Cash. We are bringing the actual sales data for this from Google Sheets and also maintaining a forecast for it in Jirav. Within Jirav, I can assign it the blue color family that is associated with Bookings. Now I add a tile for it on the dashboard and Jirav uses the assigned color family to show the Actuals vs Base forecast variance in sales for this non-financial data.

This is how non-financial and custom data are treated as first-class citizens within Jirav. This allows us to use headcount, sales, KPIs seamlessly right along side the financial data which is automatically pulled in from accounting systems like Quickbooks & Xero.

Use Colors Custom Data

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