New: Colors for Custom Data

One of they key benefits of Jirav is the ability to pair non-financial data with financial data to tell a more comprehensive story of a business. We just released the ability to assign color families to any custom data you bring in, making the charts even more colorful and cohesive.

Colors for Custom Data

In the example above, we have a company that sells cameras and that's what drives their Revenue and Cash. We are bringing the actual sales data for this from Google Sheets and also maintaining a forecast for it in Jirav. Within Jirav, I can assign it the blue color family that is associated with Bookings. Now I add a tile for it on the dashboard and Jirav uses the assigned color family to show the Actuals vs Base forecast variance in sales for this non-financial data.

This is how non-financial and custom data are treated as first-class citizens within Jirav. This allows us to use headcount, sales, KPIs seamlessly right along side the financial data which is automatically pulled in from accounting systems like Quickbooks & Xero.

Use Colors Custom Data

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