Join our March product update webinar to learn all about Custom Tables

A big update is coming to the Jirav app in March!

Custom Line Groups are now Custom Tables, and we're also getting two new types of Custom Lines: Section & Reference. You'll be able to use the new lines to build custom tables rapidly, making it even easier to create, update, and organize your plans in Jirav. But that's not all — we've got some exciting updates for partners that we're eager to share, too.

Join Evan Wells, VP BizOps & Financial Services, Roxie MacHarg, Sr. Manager of Services and Support, and Blake Oliver, Director of Marketing for a fun and educational Jirav product update webinar.

Cost: Free
Length: 1 hour
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Time: 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern
Who should attend? Customers, partners, prospects, and giraffes are all welcome.


About Jirav

Jirav delivers smarter financials and faster insights, helping you understand where your business has been and forecast where it’s going. Our all-in-one budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and dashboarding solution offers faster implementation and a more intuitive interface allowing finance leaders to build financial models in hours, not days, and generate financial reports in minutes, not hours.