Multi-series Dashboard Tiles + Custom Line Subtotals

Recently we shipped two new features—Multi-series Dashboard Tiles and Custom Line Subtotals. Multi-series tiles are perfect for presenting data from more than one time series in a single tile. Custom Line Subtotals are great for helping you organize and sum your custom lines logically. In addition to new features, we also shipped performance improvements.

New Feature: Multi-series Dashboard Tiles

You can now create multi-series tiles on your Jirav dashboard. Multi-series tiles are perfect for presenting data from more than one time series in a single tile. There are two types of Multi-series tiles:


The most common use case for single-family multi-series is when you want to show series like Bookings by Product, Revenue by Account, or OpEx by Department. In all of these cases, the time-series all belong to the same family of lines, and each time-series is a child of a single parent line.


This kind of chart is useful when trying to show different types of data series side by side. Examples are ad spend vs revenue,  CAC vs LTV etc.
Head to the Jirav Help Center to learn more about Multi-series dashboard tiles >

New Feature: Groups and Subtotals for Custom Lines

You can now group custom lines together, helping you organize your custom lines logically. Additionally, you can sum custom lines to create subtotals. This is helpful when lines in your model are related, such as products of different sizes, or apps for different operating systems.



 Head to the Jirav Help Center to learn more about custom line groups and subtotals >

Performance improvements

We made a lot of investment recently in making Jirav significantly faster. Some actions are now up to 9x faster, including heavy operations like cloning complex plans. This helps you focus on the big picture, move as fast as you think, and instantly see the impact of your assumptions in real-time.
  • Adding/changing drivers, updating tables, and creating custom lines now take 91% less time.
  • Plan operations (loading, cloning, re-forecasting) now take 83% less time.
  • Lots of improvements under the hood that make everything snappier, faster, and feel solid.

Jirav Performance Improvements-3

About Jirav

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