The growth-focused planning solution

Finally, a purpose-built all-in-one FP&A solution, unlocked by the power of driver-based financial modeling

Jirav for
growth companies

Created to accelerate growth. Build growth plans, scenario test, measure plan vs. actual. Gain financial excellence and find your path to faster growth.

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Jirav for
accounting firms

Built for accounting firms. Increase revenue and profitability by offering a full range of FP&A services and adding efficiency to existing services.

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Jirav for
VC-funded companies

Focused on the needs of VC-funded companies. Operating plans, investor packages, insights into cash and runway, all fast and easy.

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Powerful business planning software

Plan smarter

Budget and forecast more accurately with a driver-based financial model that consolidates accounting, workforce, and operational data.

Plan faster

Reforecast financials in minutes — then package and deliver reports customized to the needs of employees, management, and the board.

Plan together

Share plans, reports, and dashboards with select editors and an unlimited number of read-only users to streamline collaboration and feedback.

All-in-one FP&A, seriously!


Create budgets from next year's projected business activity, not last year's stale numbers.


Model the cash impact of key decisions. Visualize cash flows 1, 12, or even 60 months out.

Report & Dashboard

Use best practices templates or create customized reports. Beautifully fast.


Create workforce, sales, and business plans with ease using our driver-based modeling engine.


Exceeding the expectations of 3500+ growth companies and accounting firms

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    After long search, ClosedLoop finds FP&A built for growth companies
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    Founders's CPA scales advisory services and generates new recurring revenue

Did you know a group of giraffes is called a tower?

Customers, partners, and advisors make the Jirav Tower special, and the mission is simple. 
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