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The Client: SendCutSend

SendCutSend is a custom-cut metal manufacturing company dedicated to delivering exceptional products to its customers with speed and efficiency. Since its inception in 2018, the company has rapidly expanded; they’ve achieved remarkable year-over-year growth by doubling and tripling their operations.

With an unwavering commitment to precision and quality, SendCutSend specializes in creating tailor-made metal products, ensuring that each item meets the unique requirements and specifications of its diverse clientele. Driven by the mission to provide every customer with individual attention and prompt service, the company leverages cutting-edge technology with a team of skilled professionals to position itself as a trusted provider of custom-cut metal solutions.

By combining their extensive knowledge and skills with a customer-centric approach, the company has earned the trust and loyalty of numerous clients across various industries.

The Challenge: Cumbersome Financial Reporting & Analysis Processes

SendCutSend faced a significant challenge in its financial reporting and analysis process due to its heavy reliance on Excel. Exporting financial results into Excel and manually adding formulas and key performance indicators (KPIs) was cumbersome and time-consuming.

This process became increasingly problematic whenever there were changes to the financial data, as it required revisiting Excel and manually updating the data. This resulted in error-prone figures and increasing difficulty in obtaining reliable numbers, impeding their ability to make informed decisions.

The limitations of SendCutSend’s Excel-based approach became particularly apparent when attempting to forecast beyond a couple of months. The company found itself lacking the necessary insights and data required to make accurate predictions and plan effectively. Moreover, the time and effort invested in this outdated process were substantial, with tasks taking up to two or three days to complete in Excel.

SendCutSend also suffered significant setbacks using Excel to plan for hiring and managing employees. Their approach involved manually updating Excel spreadsheets, meticulously adjusting formulas, and ensuring all necessary information was included. As the company expanded and its workforce grew, the complexity of the process increased, further exacerbating the challenges faced by the HR department.

The lack of automation and integration between their accounting software and Excel, along with the inherent issues of a manual Excel model, was hindering their efficiency and productivity. SendCutSend recognized the need for a more streamlined and reliable solution and sought to address these challenges by exploring alternative options to enhance its financial reporting and analysis capabilities.

The Solution: Jirav

With Jirav’s direct integration into their accounting system, SendCutSend could update all financial data with the click of a button; they could also seamlessly incorporate employee data from Excel, which facilitated efficient forecasting within different departments.

The use of Jirav’s custom, driver-based modeling helped analyze different customer segments. SendCutSend tracked metrics, such as Average Order Value (AOV), the number of products ordered, and the types of products customers were purchasing. Jirav’s forecasting capabilities enabled SendCutSend to create accurate forecasts by utilizing a trailing three-month average and incorporating detailed information like production costs per unit. By importing this operational data into their model and configuring comprehensive KPIs, SendCutSend could quickly and efficiently assess historical and future calculations to get insights into their revenue forecast and profitability.

SendCutSend created an Investor Report Package in Jirav that could be distributed or exported with a single click. With Jirav’s detailed reporting on a quarterly or monthly basis, SendCutSend could showcase specific information when needed by swiftly and easily evaluating historical and future data, allowing them to project the trajectory of various calculations.

SendCutSend utilized Jirav’s interactive dashboards to display a visual representation of key metrics during biweekly meetings with the leadership team. The team leveraged these dashboards to identify specific highlights and trends, eliminating the need for lengthy and cumbersome spreadsheets.

The Results: Enhancing Decision-Making Through Customization and Forecasting

The ability to immediately upload to Excel and QuickBooks saves SendCutSend a substantial amount of time, while ensuring that the information is always up-to-date. This enhancement has allowed the company to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on other critical tasks.

The driver-based modeling features and ability to incorporate operational data provided valuable insights into various aspects of the business, such as production headcount and orders-per-business-day; this capability allowed SendCutSend to gather diverse pieces of information and synthesize them to make informed decisions.

The ability to create customized reports for different audiences, and the ease of generating comprehensive customized reporting packages, including historical and future data, improved the relationship between SendCutSend and its stakeholders.


I love that we can build out reports for different audiences; if it's our finance team or investors, we can build out a 100% customizable reporting package at the click of a button, and that has been extremely valuable for us.

Kate York, CFO, SendCutSend

Jirav’s forecasting capabilities allowed SendCutSend to create precise predictions that contributed to better decision-making. The ability to break down costs on a per-order basis and calculate trailing averages provided accurate forecasts for materials, especially in the case of metal materials that experienced significant cost fluctuations over the past year.

Revolutionizing Data Management withJirav

With a focus on driver-based modeling, reporting capabilities, and forecasting accuracy, Jirav unequivocally enhanced SendCutSend’s operations. Jirav's ability to promptly pull data from Excel or QuickBooks has revolutionized the way the company handles data, allowing for streamlined processes and increased efficiency.

SendCutSend’s implementation of Jirav demonstrates that the software is not only an exceptional FP&A tool but a catalyst for data-driven decisions and unparalleled customer experience.

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