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Custom Reporting

Automate reporting and analytics and compare actuals to budget along with multiple planning scenarios to make informed business decisions.

Custom Planning

Build budgets, rolling forecasts, and scenario plans to quickly model the outcomes and changes in your business.

Reporting & Dashboarding

Combine data from financial and non-financial systems with planning built in Jirav and always know how you are doing against plan.


Build dynamic budgets with our driver-based modeling to ensure you stay on track to achieve your financial goals.


Spend less time updating and rolling forward your forecasts and more time analyzing. Easily adjust mid to long-range plans and rolling forecasts in minutes and keep a constant pulse on your cash flow and working capital assumptions so you can make confident decisions.

Scenario Planning

Your business is never static. Easily create new scenario plans and update key drivers and assumptions to quickly analyze changes in your business so you can quickly respond to market forces and stay ahead of your competition.

Macbook Air (2022)

I’ve been looking for this software for ten years, across multiple different startups. I wanted FP&A for growth companies that can integrate with QuickBooks and analyze plan versus actuals. Jirav does what a growth company needs.

Andrew Eye CEO and Co-Founder
Make Confident Decisions

Get peace of mind knowing you are steering your business in the right direction

Trust The Data
Making quick data-driven decisions is possible with a single source of truth in Jirav. Make confident decisions by relying on accurate and updated historical data.
Minimize Surprises
With Jirav, you always know where your business stands. You have clear visibility into your revenue and costs so you are always prepared to tackle any challenge.
Mitigate Risk
Being in business means facing risk. Proactively prepare and mitigate controllable risks by running multiple scenario models so you can make sound business decisions.
Move At The Speed Of Business

Quickly respond to market forces
and stay ahead of your competition

Do More With Less
Lean finance teams can operate efficiently with Jirav. We eliminate time wasted on manual processes by automating the budgeting and forecasting process to free up your time to focus on strategy.
Accelerate Decision Making
With Jirav, you can analyze real-time data and future plans to make timely decisions so you can focus on solid execution.
Adapt To The Market
Quickly pivot your strategy by responding to market changes, competitor threats, and customer feedback so you can stay on track to achieve your business goals.
Stay On Track

Drive cross-functional alignment
by keeping teams accountable to their goals

Drive Organizational Alignment

With Jirav, teams across the company can easily collaborate to build the annual operating plan, driving cross-functional alignment with the strategic goals of the business.

Measure Performance
With Jirav, teams can monitor their financial targets—whether they are to increase revenue, control costs, or increase cash runway—so you can stay on track with your business and financial goals.
Drive Accountability
With Jirav, your teams have full visibility and transparency into their business unit performance, allowing you to drive accountability and action against your operating plan.
We Are Your Growth Partner

Access our team of experts
who will guide you with our proven methodologies

Leverage Our Expertise
With Jirav, we support you with our proven implementation methodology built from our background working with 3,000+ businesses. 
Extension Of Your Team
At Jirav, we are an extension of your team. From onboarding and training to professional services, we enable you to run lean in your finance team by leveraging our expertise.
Minimize Disruptions
With Jirav, you can minimize disruptions such as staffing changes by tapping into Jirav’s professional services to keep you and your team on track to your monthly and quarterly forecast cadence.

Supporting Reporting & Planning
For 3,000+ Businesses

Achieving Growth: How Weatherford Capital tripled assets under management, with Jirav’s dynamic software

Jirav has been instrumental in helping Weatherford Capital scale its business, resulting in a significant increase in assets under management (AUM). Since implementing Jirav, they have 3x their AUM and can now budget based on future projections.
weatherford capital logo

Scaling Operations: How ClosedLoop raised $45M to scale their business, by leveraging Jirav

After a 10-year search for an industry-specific FP&A solution, ClosedLoop CEO, Andrew Eye, finally discovered Jirav. Using Jirav’s driver-based models and easy-to-update assumptions, the team at ClosedLoop was able to build a dynamic model to plan for the future. As a result, ClosedLoop raised $45 million, which enabled them to scale their operations, hire additional team members, and expand their business.

Increased Efficiency: How Biofire used Jirav to save 12 CFO hours per month and clear bottlenecks in communication and decision-making

Manual processes previously led to delays in visibility into budget vs. actuals and the cash forecast, limiting Biofire’s ability to make quick decisions. With Jirav, the team can now rapidly share results and communicate with executives and department heads to make informed decisions promptly.


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