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Jirav simplifies financial reporting and analysis, empowering company stakeholders with the information they need in just a few clicks. With your accounting data directly integrated, you’ll always have access to the latest and most up-to-date information. Stop wasting hours creating and recreating report packages and dashboards in Excel.
Financial and Management Reporting-1

Financial and Management Reporting

Generate beautiful, interactive reports and dashboards
Replace manual, time-consuming Excel reports with engaging reports and visuals. Take advantage of our seamless integrations to quickly connect to your accounting data and access pre-configured income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements within minutes. Say goodbye to the hours spent each month organizing and mapping the chart of accounts for planning and reporting purposes. With Jirav, you can create a customized mapping once, defining your outputs efficiently.

Jirav’s pre-designed templates include customizable 3-way financials as well as reports that can be created from scratch to fit your unique requirements. Get peace of mind with accurate real-time data.

Budget vs Actuals and Scenario Analysis

Perform easy side-by-side comparisons
Unlike Excel, Jirav makes it simple to view performance from one budget to the next or plan vs. actuals with easy-to-read variance reports. Add in-line commentary or footnotes to provide additional insights to your stakeholders.

Compare multiple “what if” plans and highlight favorable vs. unfavorable scenarios all while taking into account working capital and cash flow impacts. Concentrate on the critical areas of the business to accelerate decisions and pivot strategies when warranted.
Budget vs Actuals and Scenario Analysis
KPIs & Metrics

KPIs and Metrics

Analyze and provide data-driven insights 

From cash runway to website views, Jirav streamlines calculations to create beautiful dashboards and reports for all your data, including industry-specific metrics. Eliminate manual updates and outdated reports - our automation lets you concentrate on your next steps. With our KPI Library, swiftly measure performance across various time periods and planning scenarios, delivering fast time-to-value tailored to your company's needs.

Never be caught off guard again. Have all the necessary data readily available to explain why and how.

Dashboard Visualizations

See the big picture at a glance
Understanding financial statements can be challenging for non-finance teams. With Jirav, simplify the process by presenting a comprehensive overview of your company through a user-friendly financial dashboard. Gain insights into historical performance and projected business activity in one glance.

Instantly compare planned versus actual results, access rolling forecasts, and understand downstream effects. Utilize intuitive point-and-click visualization tools to create and share dashboards, facilitating rapid and informed decision-making.
Dashboard Visualizations
Share Reports & Dashboards

Share Reports & Dashboards with Stakeholders

Share insights on performance and strategy

Deliver monthly financial reports directly from Jirav. Get the right info to the right person at the right time — in just a few clicks. Save countless hours with reusable report packages, allowing you to customize once and reuse month after month.

Jirav replaces spreadsheets for financial modeling, but we don’t lock you in. Easily consolidate and export information to Excel or Google Sheets for further analysis or sharing. You can also export reports as PDFs or share them directly online with a link for others to view and add commentary.


We used to spend hours generating financial statements from QuickBooks, then formatting and reviewing them. Now with Jirav I can do it in seconds.

Sam Malin, Financial Controller

Reporting and Dashboard Features

3 Way Financials
Instantly access your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow when you connect your accounting data and then report on future activity as well.
Custom Reporting
Custom Reporting
Automate board reporting, investor packages, and key reports that can be tailored with custom time periods, colors, headers/footers, and commentary.
Dashboard Visualizations
Dashboard Visualizations
Visualize data with customizable dashboards, incorporating both financial and non-financial metrics. Embed graphics to report packages for easier data comprehension.
COA Customization
COA Customization
Quickly customize your Chart of Accounts to match your reporting and planning requirements without changing the accounting system.
Industry Templates
Industry Templates
Harness the power of industry-specific flexible templates to streamline your financial workflows and leverage our proven expertise for optimal results.
KPI Library
KPI Library

Review out-of-the-box metrics for efficient performance measurement and decision-making. Plus, easily build standardized or personalized metrics tailored to your company's needs.

Budget vs Actual
Budget vs Actuals

Monitor your performance against targets in real-time and know immediately where discrepancies arise to drive informed changes.

Scenario Analysis
Scenario Analysis

Easily compare multiple “what if” scenarios across all financials to accelerate decisions and pivot strategies when warranted.

Dynamically share reports and dashboards with key stakeholders and add commentary to drive organizational alignment.

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