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Drive efficient growth in your accounting and finance practice with Jirav’s all-in-one forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and dashboarding solution

Grow your accounting and finance practice by automating FP&A with Jirav

Exclusive Reporting and Planning Partner of

Jirav and empower the accounting profession to enhance their Client Advisory Services offering and provide more value for clients via FP&A

Reporting & Planning. All-in-one.

Custom Reporting

Automate reporting and analytics and compare actuals to budget along with multiple planning scenarios to make informed business decisions for your clients.

Custom Planning

Build budgets, rolling forecasts, and scenario plans to quickly analyze changes in your client's business and efficiently deliver your FP&A advisory services.

Reporting & Dashboarding

Streamline your monthly close process and efficiently deliver reporting and KPI packages for your clients with just a few clicks. Leverage our industry-specific templates and customized reports to create management and board reports to scale across your practice.


Build dynamic budgets with our driver-based modeling to ensure your clients stay on track to achieve their financial goals.


Spend less time updating and rolling forward forecasts across your client base and more time analyzing and advising your clients. Easily adjust mid to long-range plans and rolling forecasts in minutes and keep a constant pulse on your client’s cash flow and working capital assumptions.

Scenario Planning

Your client’s business strategy is constantly changing; easily create new scenario plans by utilizing our cloning capabilities and update key drivers and assumptions to quickly analyze changes in your client’s business.

Macbook Air (2022)

We’re already much more of a partner with our clients, rather than the people who just compile reports for them. We’ve already started to see so many new opportunities for serving our clients better - and we have more time to pursue those opportunities.

Dennis Najjar CEO & Co-Founder
Firms Make More Money With Jirav

Grow revenue and improve margins 
by offering budgeting and forecasting services with Jirav

Generate Firm Revenue
Firms that offer high-demand FP&A Advisory services are 34% more profitable than those that don’t.
Save Time
Grow your client base without scaling staff through automation and standardization, putting the burden of work on systems instead of people.
Increase Revenue Per Client
By offering FP&A Advisory services you’ll create more strategic longer-lasting client relationships and increase long-term value (LTV).
Gain A Strategic Advantage

Set yourself apart
by utilizing a modern FP&A software with Jirav

From Hindsight to Foresight
Firms that offer FP&A Advisory services gain a strategic advantage through a differentiated offering, moving from historical reporting to future planning service offerings.
Increase Client Loyalty
FP&A Advisory services allow you to gain deep insight into your client’s strategy and business, enhancing the strategic advisor relationship.
Expand Your Capabilities
By offering FP&A Advisory services you are investing in yourself and broadening the skillset of your staff.
Create Standardization For Scale

Reduce staff time through automation
and improve firm margins with Jirav

Standardize Your Product Offering
Put your firm in control by focusing your team on a set of services and deliverables that are consistent across your client base and avoid scope creep.
Develop Industry Expertise
With Jirav, we will guide you to develop industry best practice models to differentiate you in the marketplace.
Scale Across Practice
By creating a standardized reporting and planning solution, you can successfully scale your FP&A Advisory service offering to dozens of clients to increase revenue and improve margins.
Leverage Our Expertise

Jirav is more than FP&A software

We Are FP&A Experts
With our team of FP&A experts, we will guide you every step of the way to build and grow your FP&A Advisory practice.
We Guide You To Success
From onboarding and training to professional services, your firm’s success is our number one priority.
Accelerate Your FP&A GTM Strategy
We've advised firms on their FP&A product, pricing, marketing, and sales strategies - you get access to our team of experts and playbook so you can grow your FP&A practice.

Supporting Reporting & Planning For Accounting & CFO Advisory Firms And Their 3,000+ SMBs

Summit Virtual CFO uses Jirav to build advisory-led, impenetrable client relationships

In order to maintain their 94% retention rate, Summit Virtual CFO needed a cloud-based FP&A software that would give them in-depth modeling and forecasting during live meetings with their clients to help guide their business decisions. After evaluating several solutions, they chose Jirav to scale their virtual CFO practice and were able to bring even greater value to their clients.

How went from accounting hindsight to advisory foresight in 2 months with Jirav

To achieve aggressive growth goals used Jirav to successfully standardize their reporting and processes leading to increased efficiency. This allowed them to expand and deepen their client relationships by providing higher-value FP&A Advisory services. 

Rocket to Revenue: How Compass East doubled new client engagement with FP&A advisory powered by Jirav

Compass East is a modern accounting and FP&A advisory firm that provides industry-specific solutions to assist businesses with implementing sound, streamlined financial processes. Driven by customer needs, the shift to offering FP&A Advisory services with Jirav doubled new recurring revenue.

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