Outsourced Accounting Firms

Grow your practice and increase profitability with a unified reporting platform.

Finance and Accounting Professionals

Replace manual, time-consuming Excel reports with engaging visuals.

Business Leaders

Get instant access to the insight you need, where and when you need it.

Ditch manual reports forever


Jirav’s financial reporting software empowers company stakeholders with the exact information and reports they need, automatically. Customize your reports in a way that’s most meaningful to each role.

  • Package and automatically deliver monthly reports
  • Get the right info to the right person at the right time
  • Save hours with reusable packages and templates
  • Spend more time on strategy and advisory


Share connected insight in seconds


Who has time to wait for intel these days? Trade in your clunky Excel reports for a modern, automated reporting tool that gives clients what they want in minutes. 

  • Share reports as PDFs or online
  • Easily consolidate and export information to Excel
  • Get information to anyone in just a few clicks
  • Generate beautiful, interactive reports 

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Perform easy side-by-side comparisons


Unlike Excel, Jirav makes it simple to view performance from one budget to the next or plan vs. actuals with easy to read variance reports. 

  • Create consolidated, simplified executive summaries 
  • Highlight favorable/unfavorable scenarios
  • Dive deep into data with line-level rules
  • Compare multiple “what if” scenarios (base case vs high)

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Try Jirav's Customized Reporting Today

Are you spending valuable hours creating reports instead of strategizing how to grow the business? Whether you are a CEO, finance leader, or outsourced accounting firm—Jirav will make you a hero! Unlike the canned reports in your accounting software, Jirav helps you make sure everyone understands not just where they've been, but where they're going.

With custom KPIs, business drivers, automated calculations, and simplified report packages, and templates—you'll be able to get anyone and everyone the information they need in minutes, not days. Jirav makes it easy to create financial reports and visualized insight that will impress clients, executives, board members and investors alike. 

  • Tailor any report to internal or external audiences
  • Save time by cloning reports and creating templates
  • Keep leaders focused with Executive Summary reports
  • Share reports online and/or via PDF
  • Set up automated reporting packages
  • Deliver a single version of truth
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Matthew May

CFO, Storj

Instead of paying their CFO to create and tweak spreadsheets, I’m able to set it all up in Jirav and make updates very quickly so the board gets tailored insights in the format they like in minutes, not hours or days. It has been a game changer for Storj.