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Our 3-Step Process


We get to know your business and find the right strategy to take full advantage of Jirav.


Our trained team walks you through the full setup, until you reach ideal company reporting.


With the model fully built, we continue the partnership to ensure long-term success.

Collaborate to find the right strategy


Jirav offers real-time three-way financials and custom reporting. With all of the available options, there are a number of strategies to use. Over the course of the service engagement, we help you choose the right approach — then walk with you until it’s up and running.
  • Access to our Services Team, who speak the language of finance
  • Our full commitment to understand your business model
  • Multiple strategy sessions to build your financial plan
  • Video calls for you to feel comfortable within the product and agree on approach

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Phased implementation process


With the ideal approach clear, we’re set to walk out the plan through implementation. You’ll transfer every bit of financial data and create the reports that will automatically generate month in and month out. We’re here to answer any questions and troubleshoot every issue along the way.

Over the course of setup we’ll work through 5 phases of implementation:

  1. Identify the key drivers in your financial model
  2. Merge in all revenue data
  3. Build out expense models
  4. Set up the working capital figures
  5. Customize financial reporting for budget vs. actuals

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Continuous support for long-term success


By the time you’re completely integrated, you’ll be a Jirav Pro. But our service doesn’t end with setup. In accounting, models and formulas change — and our partnership continues through the life of your account.

  • Strategy calls are recorded for future use, training and reference
  • The team creates checklists for proper maintenance
  • Regular check-ins from the team for important reminders
  • Our Support Team is always available to help you

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Jirav Professional Services for Finance Teams

Why do business leaders choose our setup service? To take full advantage of Jirav’s powerful financial planning and analysis capabilities. You might not have time to self-learn comprehensive software. Our service team shows you every feature and function while also suggesting the ideal strategy for your specific business model.

Jirav gives you the tools to model your company’s financial future to make better business decisions. Our implementation service takes you from new account to full utilization faster than doing it on your own.

  • Find the ideal Jirav use case for your business
  • Create the foundation through strategy sessions with our team
  • Fully integrate financials through a predictable, repeatable process
  • Create every report you need with us alongside
  • Benefit from continued communication, support and partnership
  • Experience confidence that you’re using Jirav to the fullest
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Shane Rogers-RPM

Shane Rogers

CEO, RPM Training

With Jirav, I can see a snapshot of the company today and easily change assumptions or compare scenarios to guide our decisions for the future.”

Thomas Fasullo-STR Helper

Thomas Fasuillo

CFO, STR Helper

I would say Jirav saves an average of about 50 hours versus building a financial model in Excel. It makes it very easy to create a model, clone it, make any adjustments you want and present side-by-side comparisons.