How to Use Line Groups as Building Blocks to Design Reports and Plans

New: Use line groups as building blocks to design reports and plans

Financial planning and reporting involves painting the right picture that is unique to a business — one that tells the right story around what has happened and helps drive decisions that impact what is going to happen. Like a motif, it often involves certain patterns that are repeated across different areas, such as plans, reports, dashboard tiles, etc.

Jirav lets you define any set of custom lines and group them into any hierarchies that make sense to a business. Those line groups can then be referenced from everywhere else in the platform, saving a lot of time in creating the story and keeping it updated.

Reference Line Groups

In the example above, the revenue funnel is defined inside setup using the following structure:

  • Revenue: The revenue for the period
  • Website Visitors: The count of the number of website visitors for the period
  • Revenue / Visitor: A KPI that tracks the revenue per visitors

We can now use that funnel in any report and we can also use the same structure for building a budget for the future.

Let's say we want to break down revenue by channel and website visitors by channel, and then also calculate the KPIs by channel. We just have to update that once in setup, and both the report tables and the planning tables will update automatically to reflect the new lines.

This makes it super easy to create the right building blocks and use them to quickly construct the right story. The blocks can be easily updated and switched with very little overhead when updating other parts of the platform.

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