See all the underlying assumptions behind a plan with Driver Drilldown

New: Driver Drilldown

Jirav helps you create very sophisticated budgets and forecasts. We just released driver drilldown that lets you easily see all the underlying assumptions behind a plan and change them inline.

Driver Drilldown

In the example above, we can see our OpEx in the planning window. Expanding Meals & Entertainment shows that it is driven by Total Headcount x $250. We can easily change that to $300 to reflect increased budget and Jirav combines it with the future headcount in our staffing plan to show the new values in real-time. And we can easily see how it compares to the historical actuals so we can avoid any unwanted jumps.

We can also Hide Rows without Drivers to make it even easier to see all these drivers attached to various accounts and tweak all our assumptions inline. It's like an x-ray vision into the model; it hides away all the detail so the key skeleton of the entire model can be viewed and tweaked in one place.

We are very excited about this powerful feature and hope you like it. Please try it out and let us know what you think!

Use Driver Drilldown

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