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The Client: Apex Unlimited Services

Apex provides facilities management solutions for large, commercial, natural gas companies. With expertise in managing 80-acre landfills and 35-acre gas plants, Apex specializes in vegetation management, ensuring pristine and well-maintained grounds for their clients. Their range of services includes precision grass-cutting, targeted weed-spraying, and overall landscape upkeep.

Apex takes pride in its ability to tackle the most challenging terrain, including extreme slopes that are too steep to stand on. To accomplish this safely, they employ specialized equipment and adhere to stringent safety protocols, prioritizing the well-being of their team members and clients. Their commitment to providing top-notch services on a large scale has solidified their reputation as a reliable and efficient partner in the industry.

The Challenge: Managing Time-Consuming Manual Processes

Apex’s reliance on outdated and static Excel spreadsheets for financial management allowed for basic calculations but lacked the dynamic capabilities required to adapt to the company's evolving needs.

The manual process of updating spreadsheets proved to be time-consuming and prone to errors, as new variables and factors had to be manually adjusted. Even though they could export information from QuickBooks into Excel, it remained a labor-intensive task to incorporate new data like hiring employees, acquiring trucks, purchasing equipment, and adjusting insurance costs.


We did everything manually, and it took so much longer to update figures.

Rob Neville, Controller, Apex Unlimited Services

The company's growth further exacerbated the challenge, as they found themselves facing increased demands for accurate and up-to-date financial records. Initially, the team attempted to manage their financial tasks and employee information alongside fieldwork, using tools like Gusto and QuickBooks; but as the business model evolved, they realized they needed to spend more time in the office and maintain real-time financial visibility.

The Solution: Jirav

The decision to adopt Jirav was influenced by Apex’s need for a custom solution to streamline its processes. Through their previous ventures, the company had evaluated various software options and understood the importance of finding a solution that aligned with their specific requirements.

After signing up for a demo, the Apex team thoroughly examined Jirav and confirmed that it fulfilled their needs. However, the team was not well-versed in FP&A services, so they relied on the guidance of a Jirav professional services consultant who played a crucial role in understanding their unique use case and tailoring the software accordingly.

As the implementation progressed, the Jirav team went the extra mile to make adjustments and personalize the models to accommodate Apex’s specific requirements. The Jirav team held regular meetings with Apex to ensure a smooth transition with ongoing support. As the company grew more proficient in utilizing Jirav, they were able to take ownership of the process themselves. Jirav provided a framework in which Apex could effectively manage its finance processes with transparency and control as the business continued to grow rapidly.

The Results: Maximizing Accuracy and Efficiency

The financial impact of adopting Jirav was substantial. Apex can now reconcile and track their finances efficiently, eliminating the need to wait until the end of the month for accurate financial information. Furthermore, they could easily monitor and verify their financial position throughout the month, allowing them to make informed decisions related to hiring, equipment purchases, and overall financial stability. Jirav’s real-time tracking and analysis capability proved invaluable on a monthly basis, providing a solid foundation for further growth and decision-making.

Before Jirav, Apex would spend several days at the end of the year performing manual calculations to determine their financial outlook for the following year or quarter. With Jirav, Apex is now able to access this information as early as July, June, or even May of the previous year, saving them the stress of scrambling at year’s end and allowing more breathing room for planning ahead.

Compared to Excel, the accuracy of Jirav’s forecasting capabilities is superior with minimal margins of error. When conducting a forecast for a business with a revenue range of $2.5-3 billion, the discrepancies were as low as 0.20%. This level of precision allowed the company to make informed decisions based on reliable projections, leading to improved financial performance and resource allocation.

Beyond the software itself, the support and assistance provided by Jirav were invaluable to Apex. Jirav’s unparalleled commitment to helping the company grow solidified a strong partnership.


The Jirav team will take your business, and treat it like theirs… and I can’t stress enough how important that is to us.

John Bednarski, Managing Partner, Apex Unlimited Services

The implementation of Jirav software resulted in significant positive outcomes for the company, enhancing decision-making and overall business growth through collaboration and continuous support.

Empowering Growth and Partnership ThroughJirav

The implementation of Jirav transformed Apex by allowing the company to compare actuals against projections, creating a paradigm shift in financial management. Jirav's features enable efficient tracking and planning, empowering the company to make informed decisions regularly.

Jirav goes beyond implementing software. The team's collaborative approach elevated the partnership with Apex through unwavering dedication and personalized support. Jirav ensures businesses reach their financial goals by providing efficient and effective solutions that empower them with the accurate insights they need to excel.


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