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The Client: MD Clarity

MD Clarity operates in revenue cycle management, offering a specialized tool that focuses on price transparency. Through its software service, the company provides cost-of-care estimates, underpayment detection, and contract analysis of insurance contracts between healthcare providers and insurers. Primarily, MD Clarity caters to clinics and healthcare providers or managed service organizations (MSOs) that engage in contractual arrangements with individual healthcare providers, doctors, and physician groups.

With a commitment to price transparency and revenue optimization, MD Clarity provides invaluable support to both patients and healthcare providers, facilitating informed decision-making and fair compensation for services rendered.

The Challenge: Managing Increasing Requests with a Jumble of Exported Spreadsheets

MD Clarity's services include evaluating cost-of-care estimates and insurance contracts between healthcare providers and insurers for transparency. However, as the company grew, it became challenging for them to effectively manage and evaluate increasing requests using their existing accounting methods. The complexity and volume of the requests required a more sophisticated approach; MD Clarity needed to transition to more advanced Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) processes for thorough evaluation and informed decision-making based on key financial metrics like Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

With their old system, conducting budget-to-actual analysis was relatively straightforward, but with the more complex requests from clients, forecasting finances became increasingly difficult.

MD Clarity relied on QuickBooks Online for most of their financial processing, which involved exporting data to Excel workbooks and manipulating it to meet specific reporting requirements. For five months, the company struggled with handling a complex Excel model and forecast containing approximately 20 tabs, intricate formulas, and cross-references. This manual process increased the difficulty in managing forward-looking cash position, revenue, and expense forecasts and resulted in last-minute reconciliations and scrambling to ensure consistency across reports.

With increasing requests from investors looking to update their investor base and obtain specific information, MD Clarity lacked a centralized source of truth for data aggregation. The absence of a single, reliable repository to consolidate all of the required information created inconsistencies that made it difficult to generate accurate and comprehensive reports.


We were limited in what we could do beyond just QuickBooks exports… and so we were definitely lacking the professional back office function of an organization.

Sean McLarney, Controller, MD Clarity

To address these challenges, MD Clarity sought an all-inclusive solution. Their primary goals were to enhance their expertise in FP&A functions, gain insights into future financial projections, and establish a streamlined and reliable data aggregation system.

The Solution: Jirav

MD Clarity implemented Jirav as their comprehensive FP&A solution to manage the complexities of maintaining their customers’ ARR mix and consolidating information in a centralized location.

Jirav eliminated the need for cumbersome exports and manual data manipulation by providing a reliable and consolidated data source and eliminating inconsistencies in board and investor reporting. MD Clarity now relies on Jirav as a single source of truth, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and improve their service performance with clients.

MD Clarity leverages Jirav's intuitive visual design to effortlessly display data, trends, and other valuable insights that address specific board requests. The operationally-focused FP&A reports and budgeting capabilities assisted MD Clarity in creating comprehensive analyses by consolidating reliable historical data produced in Jirav.

Using Jirav's budget-to-actual, side-by-side reporting analysis, MD Clarity effectively tracked their plans and forecasted spending, while considering cash flow implications, increasing visibility into their financial future, and making strategic decisions accordingly. Additionally, Jirav's driver-based forecasting was specifically tailored to MD Clarity's cost of sales model, allowing them to accurately capture expense implications as transaction flow changed. This created a refined profit and loss (P&L) statement that reflected the evolving dynamics of the business.

Furthermore, MD Clarity implemented Jirav to optimize its headcount planning processes by leveraging payroll information as an additional resource. This approach helps the company save time and improve efficiency when calculating expenses or understanding the overall financial health of the company.

The Results: A Streamlined FP&A Process Using Jirav

Implementing Jirav yielded significant results for MD Clarity. Jirav aggregates historical information on operating spend and other relevant data to refine MD Clarity’s P&L statements, ensuring forecasts aligned more closely with actual results. Jirav improved internal management and decision-making for MD Clarity. The company was able to finalize approved budgets within three months of integrating Jirav. The process also yielded positive impacts on workflow management and decision-making.


We got a finalized board-approved budget for the year by early January 2023, which we were pretty excited about.

Sean McLarney, Controller, MD Clarity

Utilizing ‌Jirav to model and incorporate specific wages, salaries, and bonuses saw significant benefits for MD Clarity. The company no longer had to manually handle this aspect of forecasting, optimizing their processes and improving efficiency. Given that wages and salaries represented the most significant line item in the budget, it was critical for MD Clarity to achieve accuracy in these projections. With the integration in place, MD Clarity could confidently establish precise budgets for the year, providing critical financial insights for the organization.

MD Clarity was particularly impressed with the ease of implementation when integrating Jirav into their systems and replacing previous methods. The company was pleased with how Jirav facilitated a successful transition, especially for team members who had little or no prior experience managing advanced FP&A tools. This created a hassle-free experience for MD Clarity, allowing them to quickly and seamlessly begin leveraging the benefits of Jirav.

Transforming Financial Planning and Analysis withJirav

This case study exemplifies how Jirav revolutionizes financial planning and analysis to transform businesses, highlighting the importance of innovative FP&A solutions in revenue cycle management. By adopting Jirav as their FP&A solution, MD Clarity effectively addressed client requests, streamlined their processes, and improved service quality.

Jirav eliminates manual data manipulation and provides a seamless way to store, analyze, and export data, while showcasing valuable insights and driving forecasting accuracy. With Jirav, businesses never have to worry about broken models or tedious financial processes again.


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