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Connect your data and skip the copy/paste

To get the most out of your data, you need it all in one place.

Jirav automatically imports your accounting, workforce, and operational data from a variety of systems so you can get started on the work that matters, faster.


Create more accurate budgets and forecasts

With driver-based financial modeling, you’ll be able to plan faster and more accurately.

That’s because Jirav enables you to budget and forecast using the metrics that move your business forward today, not what happened last year.


Find ways to save with detailed variance reports

Increase operational efficiencies by tracking costs down to the departmental level.

Budget by department, then easily share plan vs. actual reports with your team in minutes.


Guide your team in the right direction with KPIs

Many operational KPIs are key drivers of your business. Trend KPIs in reports alongside financial data to spot relationships.

Forecast operational KPIs in your plan and get team buy-in on metrics they can control. Then variance KPIs against actuals to keep your company guided in the right direction.


Spend time on strategy, not spreadsheets

Keeping everyone on the same page is a full-time job — if you’re emailing around XLS attachments, that is.

Share customized reports and dashboards in seconds with an unlimited number of read-only users, all from within Jirav.


Identify areas for strategic investment

Thinking about launching a new product or service line? Expanding your workforce? What about changing your pricing or billing?

Easily model the impact of investment on future cash flows, then compare against your current plan to spot growth opportunities and understand the capital needs to achieve them.


Manage CEO and Board expectations

Everybody is happy when the company achieves its goals, but that’s hard to do when annual plans quickly go stale.

Jirav helps manage expectations with rolling forecasts and flexible budgets that make it easy to adapt to changing conditions.


Visualize future cash flows

Accurately forecast cash flows next month, next quarter, next year, or beyond. Jirav projects your balance sheet, not just your P&L.

Visualize your cash position in reports and dashboards with built-in KPIs for change in cash, operating cash flow, runway, and more.


Plan for any contingency with multiple scenarios

Be ready for any outcome by quickly comparing plans — as good, bad or ugly you want to make them.

It’s easy to clone a plan, tweak a few assumptions, and see the difference.


Deliver insights with more meaningful reports

You love financial statements, and we do, too. But let’s just accept that non-finance/accounting people aren’t going to read them.

With Jirav, you can present data visually with KPI dashboards. Tailor and package reports for any role. Then share in seconds with an unlimited number of read-only users.


Eliminate Excel errors—for good

Excel spreadsheets are not only time-consuming—they break easily. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a significant error due to an incorrect or missing formula.

Jirav solves the complexities of driver-based planning. You’ll never have to struggle with complicated formulas or worry that there’s some error you missed that’s messing up your reports.

Jim Gellas


Finance Leader

I can't overstate how transformative Jirav has been. It unlocked the ability to budget and forecast in a way that could enable the pursuit of millions of dollars in funding. You can't get much more compelling than that.