Visual Dashboards

Jirav interprets complex data with dashboards that bring the business to life.

Tailored Reporting

Create customized reports that make sense to your business leaders and their stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

Using a single platform, you can provide connected insight that drives business forward.

Spend your time on strategy, not spreadsheets


Excel spreadsheets are not only time-consuming—they break easily. Jirav solves the complexities of driver-based planning. You’ll never have to create complicated formulas or do much math at all, really. 

  • Create rolling budgets and financial forecasts 
  • Package reports to accelerate delivery
  • Roll up and drill down into any data
  • Set up, choose or change KPIs on the fly

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Deliver unified intelligence across the company


It's a common struggle to capture and consolidate data outside the general ledger. Jirav bridges the data gap by integrating multiple financial and non-financial data sources into a single, unified platform.

  • Connect financial, operational, personnel and sales data
  • Provide a single version of the truth
  • Manage advanced revenue modeling with ease
  • Create multiple plans, models, budgets and scenarios

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Keep stakeholders informed and engaged


Keeping up with different systems, data and processes is time-consuming, but keeping everyone engaged is a full-time job. Jirav helps finance professionals save time so you can deliver real-time insight.

  • Present data through visualized financial dashboards
  • Tailor and package reports for any role
  • Simplify complex financial modeling and reporting
  • Provide unlimited read-only access to anyone

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Jirav Advantages for CFOs, Controllers & Accounting Managers

For accounting and finance professionals to add value, you've got to be able to guide business leaders beyond financial aspects and show them the real story of their business in real time. Jirav consolidates multiple data sources into a single, unified cloud platform with built-in automations and templates that save you hours, or even days, every month.

Instead of complicated Excel spreadsheets, you can use Jirav for budgeting and forecasting, financial modeling, financial reporting, workforce planning, revenue modeling, deferred and recurring revenue modeling, financial analysis reporting, workforce planning and more. Experience the power and ease of Jirav for yourself with a free trial!

  • Manage multiple companies in one place
  • Setup custom plans with unique business drivers
  • Save time and build custom models in minutes, not days
  • Create cash flow and rolling forecasts automatically
  • Enable strategic workforce planning 
  • Make impactful decisions with custom KPIs and drivers
  • Create and automate reporting packages
  • Access Jirav 24/7, from any device
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Jim Gellas-Cytovale

Jim Gellas

Finance leader, Cytovale

I can’t overstate how transformative Jirav has been for Cytovale. It unlocked the ability to budget and forecast in a way that could enable the pursuit of millions of dollars in funding and potentially save millions of lives as a result. You can’t get much more compelling than that.