Integrate Jirav with RUN Powered by ADP®

90% Faster

when connecting Jirav directly to RUN powered by ADP® and your accounting systems

Next-level reports and insights

Jirav integrates with RUN Powered by ADP® (RUN) so you can easily import valuable payroll and workforce data from RUN into Jirav’s intuitive visual dashboards. Combine workforce data with financial & operational data to drive more accurate forecasts, budgets and informed hiring decisions.

Just 5-10 minutes to update:
  • 3-statement reports
  • Dashboards
  • Budgets & forecasts
  • Cashflow plans, zero-cash analysis
  • Variance analysis, what-if analysis


Already have Jirav and RUN Powered by ADP®, Download the connector here

Learn more about integrating with ADP
from a Jirav consultant.

Why integrate


Eliminate errors

Connect systems directly and eliminate errors from manual imports or copy & paste processes


Faster insights

Reduce the time to insights and report creation by up to 90% over manual processes


Jirav simple

Unlock the full potential of Jirav simplicity and FP&A automation with integration


With Jirav, we’re able to deliver real-time insight across finance, operations, personnel and other areas of the business within minutes. We can help our clients, understand the big picture and make more intentional, impactful decisions.

Matthew May, Acuity Founder

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