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See the big picture at a glance

Financial statements are hard to read, and they’re of limited use because they only show the past. Show a comprehensive view of your company with a financial dashboard that combines historical performance with projected business activity.

Instantly see plan vs. actuals, rolling forecasts and downstream effects. With easy drag-and-drop data visualization, you can create and share dashboards to drive fast, effective decision making.


Combine and visualize all your data in one place

Quickly connect multiple data sources to Jirav to visualize your accounting, workforce, and operational data in one place.

Give your stakeholders an in-depth look into the metrics that drive growth by combining financial and non-financial information.


Build custom tiles to visualize any KPI

Create custom charts and tiles to transform historical data into future-looking connected intelligence by focusing on the KPIs that matter to your business.

Work fast with an intuitive, point-and-click interface that allows you to quickly add, move, clone, edit, and delete tiles. Display data with a variety of tiles, including snapshots, comparisons, tables, and graphs. Use multi-series tiles to present complex data.


Customize dashboards to each stakeholder

Jirav’s powerful financial dashboard software lets you tailor your story to different audiences with easy to understand visuals. Empower employees and managers to see their performance during the month, not when data is already stale.

Create, clone, customize, and share dashboards in minutes. With multiple dashboards and unlimited read-only users, you can securely share data on a need to know basis, ensuring that you are sharing the right information with the right people.

A dashboard comparing the annual plan versus the reforecast

Easily compare plans and actuals

Visualize pro forma financials and compare scenarios using income statement and balance sheet titles trended over time. Compare your financial forecast, actuals, and budget in any combination on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

That means you can help decision-makers spot trends and better prepare for the future.


Add visuals to your report packages

Incorporate financial dashboards into management reports by adding a snapshot of a dashboard to your monthly reporting package.

Brand your dashboard with your company logo and details. Do you have multiple brands? Customize each dashboard with unique branding for each business unit.


Share dashboards securely in seconds

With Jirav, you get an unlimited number of read-only users to share dashboards. That means you can generate insights at scale without having to explain complicated financial statements that your stakeholders don’t understand.

Send a live snapshot of the business to anyone, anywhere by inviting them to view their dashboard(s) online. You decide for each tile whether it should update with live data, use the close month, or show a specific period of your choosing.