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Jirav forecasts not just your income statement, but also your balance sheet and statement of cash flows.

Build driver-based financial models

Get a real-time look at what’s ahead and uncover new opportunities for growth and profit with a financial model customized to your business.

Jirav's financial modeling software makes creating and updating financial forecasts and budgets easier. Quickly build sophisticated plans and models, then make adjustments and automatically roll forward your plan so you can spend more time on strategy and less time in spreadsheets.

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Say “goodbye” to spreadsheets

You can do almost anything in Excel, but that’s also the problem. Errors inevitably creep into even the most well-designed spreadsheet model. Updating it can be a huge pain. And inevitably, it becomes too complicated for anyone other than the creator to understand.

Jirav takes care of the complicated calculations behind the scenes so you can focus on forecasting and budgeting, not copy/pasting and tracing errors.

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Multiplying cumulative headcount by a constant rate to forecast office expense in OpEx

Customize your business drivers

From staffing to capital expenditures—there are many unique metrics driving your business. Jirav enables you to create custom drivers with your own formulas and assumptions to build more accurate forecasts and budgets. Choose built-in drivers or set up your own.

Simplify workforce planning and staffing decisions by linking cause and effect, such as outbound sales reps driving new revenue, or revenue driving new hires on the support team. Customize drivers however your business works.

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Using a Cash on Hand tile from the KPI library to forecast a cash balance many months into the future

Forecast your cash flow

Jirav automatically generates 3-way financial statements for historical and future periods from your model, including Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows. See the impact of increased/decreased revenue, staffing changes, and capital expenditures

Forecast cash flows 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, or even 60 months in the future. Clone your model and tweak key assumptions to see the impact on cash flows over the short and long term.

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Building a SaaS metrics custom table using Jirav drivers to project sales and revenue

Project sales and revenue

Create simple sales forecasts with a few clicks — or get sophisticated with an industry-specific revenue model built using Jirav’s custom tables.

Project your deferred revenue backlog into your forecast to ensure that your plan is accurate on both a cash and accrual basis.

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Drivers allow for accurate headcount planning

Plan your workforce

Plan for individual new hires or formulaically by role with workforce drivers linked to your financial model. Incorporate fully-burdened headcount costs into your model including benefits and taxes.

Report on key workforce metrics such as salary run rate, revenue per employee, and percentage of cost of workforce. Visualize these KPIs in dashboards for your department heads.

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Department heads discussion budget variances

Budget by department

Start with last year’s numbers or build from scratch. With Jirav, you have the flexibility to forecast based on historical results — or budget from the bottom-up by creating drivers linked to planned business activity.

Build departmental budgets that roll up automatically into the company plan of record. Create accountability with reports and dashboards customized for the needs of each department head including budget vs forecast vs plan and relevant KPIs.

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Model capital expenditures

Model the effect of capital purchases and the related depreciation (using any method) on your pro forma financial statements.

Drive capital spending from headcount, production units, or any other metric. For example, create a driver to requisition a laptop for each new hire. And if orders increase beyond a set threshold, purchase a new piece of production equipment.

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Comparing a

Compare multiple scenarios

Clone models and create comparisons on the fly for fast scenario planning. Adjust and compare plans on the fly, even in the middle of a board meeting.

Compare budget v. actual, budget v. forecast, or forecast v. actual, or any combination. They’re all part of the same financial modeling software platform. With Jirav, you can leave behind your financial forecasting models in Excel.

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Discover Powerful Business Planning

Want to plan smarter, faster, and together? Wish you could centralize your financial, operational, and workforce planning? You need the all-in-one cloud financial planning and analysis solution that's affordable to small businesses.

Jirav streamlines budgeting, forecasting, and reporting so you can deliver financial insight in real time. Our cloud FP&A platform empowers you to ask the right questions so you can plan and prepare for the future. You'll save countless hours building complex plans in Jirav vs. Excel with the added bonus of improving security, collaboration and accuracy.

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