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With Jirav’s cloud financial planning and analysis software, you can plan and forecast with consolidated data across your entire organization, not just income statements and balance sheets.

  • Deliver tailored dashboards and reports to anyone
  • Adapt to industry-specific revenue models
  • Uncover new opportunities for growth and profit
  • Confidently prove your progress and potential

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Financial forecasting models made easy


Building financial models in Excel is inefficient, inaccurate and ineffective. Jirav makes financial forecasting and planning a breeze with consolidated accounting, workforce and operational data.

  • Spend more time on strategic advisory and planning 
  • Quickly build plans and models for complex needs
  • Clone models and create comparisons on the fly
  • Eliminate complicated Excel calculations and coding

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Customize your business drivers


From operating expenses to staffing—there are several unique metrics driving your business. Jirav enables you to create custom drivers, define rules for growth rates and assumptions, and deliver contextual plans.

  • Connect multiple data sources, drivers and KPIs
  • Choose built-in drivers and/or set up your own
  • Automate budgeting, forecasting and calculations
  • Simplify workforce planning and staffing decisions

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Discover Jirav's Powerful Business and Financial Planning

Want to set goals and crush them? Wish you could centralize your financial, operational and workforce planning? You need the all-in-one cloud financial planning and analysis solution that's affordable for any size business or accounting firm. You can even choose a Jirav plan that fits the level, volume and complexities of your revenue model.

Jirav not only consolidates, calculates and delivers business and financial insight in real time, it empowers you to ask the right questions so you can plan and prepare for the future. You'll save countless hours building complex plans in Jirav vs. Excel with the added bonus of improving security, collaboration and accuracy.  

  • Create sophisticated models relevant to your business
  • Automatically roll forward adjustments and calculations
  • Adjust and compare plans on the fly
  • Create goals with top-down assumptions
  • Project your deferred revenue backlog into your forecast
  • Integrate revenue, operational and workforce planning
  • Enjoy 24x7x365 real-time access in the cloud
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Shane Rogers-RPM

Shane Rogers

CEO, RPM Training

With Jirav, I can see a snapshot of the company today and easily change assumptions or compare scenarios to guide our decisions for the future.”

Thomas Fasullo-STR Helper

Thomas Fasuillo

CFO, STR Helper

I would say Jirav saves an average of about 50 hours versus building a financial model in Excel. It makes it very easy to create a model, clone it, make any adjustments you want and present side-by-side comparisons.