Jirav for Consumer Packaged Goods

Jirav offers pre-configured reports, dashboards, and plans, built to get you real-time insights and automate the financial planning of your CPG business.
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Group 3207

Forecasting and budgeting made easy.

With Jirav, you can calculate any metric, get accurate insights, compare reports, and sync your financial data, without ever worrying about breaking your model. 

CPG insights right out of the gate.

Financial Insights

Eliminate spreadsheet errors and save time generating reports, income statements, cash flow, and performance sheets. 
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COGS & Inventory Insights

Say goodbye to manual reporting and hello to robust financial planning that streamlines production, inventory, and sales data.
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Performance Insights

Sync your financial data with one click, and see the big picture, with real-time insights into your business performance.
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Win with accurate CPG metrics,
industry-specific KPIs, and comprehensive charts.

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As a business owner, Jirav gives me a real-time knob to turn for immediate feedback if we add stores, products, events or personnel. It enables us to accurately forecast the trajectory of our business on a monthly basis, quickly add or adjust assumptions and validate our decisions.

Shane Rogers, Founder, Owner and CEO, RPM
The modern way to win at CPG.

Scenario Planning
Explore various strategic-planning processes with the ultimate solution that lets you create and examine multiple scenarios, identify potential outcomes, and make informed decisions to stay ahead.

Variance Reporting & Budgeting vs. Actual Analysis
Jirav allows you to analyze and compare budgeted numbers with actual performance, avoiding the hassle of endless spreadsheet errors and streamlining your financial planning. 

Trended or Custom-Assumption-Based Planning
With our intuitive solution that helps you leverage historical data to identify trends and forecast and budget accurately, you can make informed projections and test out new strategies based on your business needs.

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Explore our resources.

Jirav empowers you with all you need to WIN at finance. Learn more about how to upscale business processes with the most value. 
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Blog & Guides

Our blog is home to regular updates and articles, covering everything from industry news and trends to expert advice and analysis. Whether you're looking to streamline your processes or stay up-to-date with trends, there’s something for everyone.

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Hosted by industry experts, our webinars offer a unique opportunity to interact with thought leaders and gain valuable insight to uplevel your financial planning.

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Customer Stories 

Here, you'll find real-life case studies shared by our customers, highlighting how Jirav has made a difference in their financial planning. From small startups to large organizations, our solutions give businesses a modern way to win at finance.

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Drive more growth in your CPG business. Watch a demo specific to your industry to see how Jirav's driver-based software can help you stay ahead of the game.

Driving e-commerce growth with rolling forecasts

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