New: Use comments to bring everyone on the same page


Comments and notifications in Jirav bring the conversation right where the data is, helping to get everyone on the same page and transforming how financial processes are run. No more email-jail, no more broken spreadsheets, no more unfinished tasks that slip through the cracks, and no more incorrect numbers that escape scrutiny.

Why build in comments?

Computers and networking have always offered the promise of collaborative work. And yet various barriers get in the way of people being able to work seamlessly with each other.

Finance, for example, can end up being quite an isolated and disconnected experience despite effectively being a function that spans every single area of any business. This is because financial models are often very fragile, the data is often too sensitive, and the systems are often too hard for non-expert users for true collaboration to take place.

With Jirav, we have taken the complex world of financial modeling and reporting and made it intuitive and solid to use. We have added the ability to partition the views to protect sensitive information while still opening up access to anyone who needs it.

How it works

This example demonstrates two professionals using comments to review the report package after the monthly close, before publishing and sharing it with everyone else:


It's that easy! Want to try this out in Jirav? Start a free trial today.

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