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The following is a series of different visualizations of what Gartner termed as the Data Analytics Maturity Model. These show the varying stages of a company, its level of analytics needs, and how organizations can grow and move up to the next level of analytical maturity.

These concepts apply to all types of analytics, and we love to apply them to Jirav's world of helping companies with their financial analytics maturity. Here we answer the top questions for all Finance teams to ask and how they Can Stop Navigating through the Rear-view mirror.

By learning how to apply these concepts to your organization, you'll empower your teams and yourself with the framework to drive action at the right level for the stage you're at.

Further, the concept of transforming raw data into prescriptive analytics is easily digestible in each of these graphics.

Gartner Analytics.jpg




Gartner BI Marturity.png

TAn Maturity Model.jpg

Maturity-Model-1030x700 - Futureproof-1.jpg

About Jirav:

Jirav connects your financial and operational data to let you easily explore historical operations and accurately forecast your bookings, revenues, workforce, expenses and cash flows.


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