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New: Map Chart of Accounts

Accounting systems are great for what they do. However, the level of detail can often be intimidating and unnecessary for reporting and planning. We just released a very powerful feature in Jirav that maps across the two seamlessly!

Your Chart of Accounts become the backbone of Reporting and Planning within Jirav. Jirav now lets you completely customize the chart of accounts within Jirav that can be mapped to any existing or even future chart of accounts in an external accounting system! 

In the simplified example above, in our accounting system we have revenue accounts defined as Enterprise License, Pro License, Enterprise Setup and Pro Setup. Using the Chart of Accounts mapping feature, we can now easily simplify this down to just Subscription and Setup. The reporting and planning areas reflect this simplification everywhere so we can always work at the level of abstraction we want, regardless of the underlying complexity. Because of the way things are structured and mapped in Jirav, everything always rolls up correctly and the math never breaks!

This is an extremely powerful feature which also now makes the Jirav model completely portable. It's possible now to build a full financial model without any actuals and then connect real actuals to the model any time in the future and they will always link up correctly.  Imagine walking into a meeting with a new client with a model already built up ahead of time. And then we simply connect actuals using one click and in minutes the model is fully functional with budget vs actuals, integrated dashboards and reports and the whole nine yards.

We are extremely excited about the possibilities enabled by this feature!

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