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Find your path to maximizing growth by operating with financial excellence.

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Model the outcomes of investing in sales, marketing or other areas. Scenario test to optimize your growth strategy and track results to plan.

Operate with
financial excellence

A key to growth is having a plan and measuring against it. Managed detailed KPIs and collaborate with owners to keep the business on track.

Gain time to
be strategic

Growth company finance teams lose too much time to spreadsheets and generating reports. Automate the tasks and focus on being strategic.

Enterprise-grade insights and tools made accessible

  • Financial reports and dashboards
    Reports & Dashboards
  • Forecasting, Budgeting & Driver-based planning
    Forecasting, Budgeting & Driver-based planning
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    Revenue growth & business modeling

I’ve been looking for this software for ten years, across multiple different startups. I wanted FP&A for growth companies that can integrate with QuickBooks and analyze plan versus actuals. Jirav does what a growth company needs.

Andrew Eye, CEO and Co-Founder,

Growth focused capabilities


Report packages

Automate investor packages and key reports eliminating the time wasted on spreadsheets.



Gain instant access to critical business metrics and KPIs.


Variance analysis

Track how you are doing against plan and know immediately exactly where variance occurred.


Cash flow

Know exactly how much runway you have, forecast zero-cash day, breakeven or other financial milestones.


Operating plan &

Use driver-based modeling to create and manage operating plans and budgets faster than ever.


Sales & workforce planning

x&PA. Use Jirav for non-financial data planning to build and offer a complete strategic picture of our company.


Scenario planning

Easily create and compare multiple scenarios to find your optimal growth strategy.


Rolling forecast

Build and adjust forecasts based on actuals. Predict how the month or next 5 years will develop.


The Jirav Tower

Get best practices insights on FP&A and planning learned from our more than 1500+ customers.

Integrate key financial & non-financial data 

Not all integrations are equal. We'd challenge you to find a planning solution that has made integration as simple as Jirav. Our integrations can be done without consulting services, in only a few minutes. Integrating with your key financial systems you can cut hours off the time it takes to create reports, budgets, or forecasts. Eliminate the hassles of Excel and capitalize on the power of automation.

Carta Startup Stack Partner

Jirav is proud to be a part of the Carta Startup Stack. Carta has specifically curated directory of recommended products and tools to help founders build and scale companies. We are honored to have been selected as a go-to partner for FP&A and business planning.

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We are proud to be the preferred FP&A and planning solution of As the world's largest CPA profession member organization, chooses their partners carefully and we are honored to be to the only FP&A and planning solution endorsed by

I looked at Adaptive Insights, as you can guess it was a lot more, and probably not a fit for a company as big as ours...since using Jirav, I've found the product itself is quite amazing.

NAKUL TANDON, Chief Financial Officer,
Adarza Biosystems

From top 10 global firms to individual operated boutique firms

Jirav provides the technology, step by step instructions and training to meet your FP&A practice goals.

New to FP&A

Jirav offers a simple step by step approach to successfully building an FP&A practice

We offer guidance on:

  • How to efficiently deliver services
  • Service packaging and pricing
  • How to launch you practice
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Already providing
FP&A and CFO services

If you already offer FP&A services, Jirav is all about scale, providing additional insights and creating more firm revenue

We offer guidance on:

  • Automating your current services
  • Offering additional insights
  • Increasing firm margins and
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