Visual Dashboards

Our dashboards help you easily spot key trends, outliers and comparisons in seconds.

Tailored Reporting

Jirav does the hard work of translating financial data in a way you understand.

Connected Intelligence

Save valuable time while Jirav builds a model of your business on the backend, automatically.

24/7 access to real-time insight


With Jirav, you'll never have to wait for the information you need. Get instant access to insight where, when and how you need it. Even if it's 2am on a Saturday—because we know business owners don't sleep.

  • Create and share actionable intelligence for any role or need
  • Get a holistic, real-time view of the entire business
  • Track performance of virtually any KPI or operational area
  • Connect multiple data sources for a single version of the truth

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Collaborate without boundaries


Because business doesn't always happen during office hours, Jirav makes it easy for financial and non-financial users to collaborate, strategize and drive the business forward.

  • Add unlimited read-only users
  • Present and share data securely in the cloud
  • Access, share and collaborate anywhere in the world
  • Set up automatic reporting packages to save time

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Make empowered, confident decisions


Questioning your budget, your decisions and the future of your business? Jirav can help. Instead of making your best guess, you'll know the impact of every option and every dollar across your company.

  • Gain real-time insight across multiple business units
  • Take the guesswork out of decision making 
  • Show the board, employees and investors your progress 
  • Create and compare multiple "what if" scenarios 

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Jirav Advantages for Business Leaders

Why do business leaders choose Jirav for financial planning and analysis? Because competitors can't come remotely close to our affordability, value and rapid ROI. You don’t always have time to wait on information or reports from your CFO, Controller or Outsourced Accountant. You need information now—and if your financial data is trapped in massive spreadsheets, it’s hard to read and even harder to understand. 

Jirav gives you the tools to see your entire business in a simplified, visualized way. No matter how complicated your business model, you can customize Jirav to track exactly the information you need and present it exactly how you want to see it. It's fast. It's easy. It's powerful. 

  • View and share connected insight in real time
  • Add unlimited read-only users
  • Create custom visual dashboards and reports in minutes
  • Enjoy easy-to-understand Executive Summary reports
  • Access Jirav when and where you want
  • Share and store your data securely in the cloud
  • Know how to steer your company in the right direction
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Shane Rogers-RPM

Shane Rogers

Founder, Owner and CEO, RPM Training

As a business owner, Jirav gives me a real-time knob to turn for immediate feedback if we add stores, products, events or personnel. It enables us to accurately forecast the trajectory of our business on a monthly basis, quickly add or adjust assumptions and validate our decisions.