Jirav went on a safari at QB Connect

The team at Jirav as well as our mascot had a wonderful time seeing old friends and making new ones a the 2018 Quickbooks Connect conference.  We are looking forward to working further with the Quickbooks community - for now please enjoy our Jirav's Quickbooks Connect safari and check out what Jirav can do for you and your business.

 Watch the video below

1811 Jirav Giraffe at Quickbooks Connect_1


Jirav was really excited to make the journey from San Francisco to San Jose for the Quickbooks Connect conference, so excited in fact that Jirav's helmet was forgotten.Jirav-scooter-blog

Upon arrival Jirav went right to work greeting old friends and making new ones, spreading the word on Jirav's financial planning & analysis tool.

Jirav Booth

After the first day of the conference Jirav organized a happy hour, new and old friends showed up - taking pictures with Jirav.


 On the night of the Quickbooks Connect closing party Jirav assisted in greeting attendees and wishing them a good night. 


To the surprise of Jirav, a performer balanced the entire weight of Jirav on their nose! 

Jirav-QBO Show

After being balanced from a great height, Jirav was happy to call it a night and wear a fun hat the rest of the evening to close out the event.


Jirav will certainly be looking forward to the event next year!  It was a wonderful conference and we appreciate having the opportunity to be part of the Quickbooks Connect community. 

About Jirav

Jirav delivers smarter financials and faster insights, helping you understand where your business has been and forecast where it’s going. Our all-in-one budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and dashboarding solution offers faster implementation and a more intuitive interface allowing finance leaders to build financial models in hours, not days, and generate financial reports in minutes, not hours.