Course Description

Everyone is talking about how CPA firms need to move from compliance to advisory services, but what does that mean? Here’s one approach: Put a face to the financials for your clients with People Planning. After all, a strong and supported workforce is the most important factor in the success of your clients’ businesses.

Join Blake Oliver, CPA, Director of Marketing at Jirav, and one of Accounting Today’s “Top 100 Most Influential in the Accounting Profession,” and Will Lopez, Head of Accountant Community at Gusto, for a webinar in which they’ll lay out the concept of “People Planning” and how adding it to your practice can help you grow your client relationships and monthly recurring revenue.

Learning objectives

  • Learn what People Planning is, why it’s important to your clients, and how it can increase your value (and billings) for your firm.
  • Define the top People Planning KPIs you could be tracking and reporting on for your clients to put a face to the financials.
  • Get started with workforce planning to help your clients know when to hire so they can meet their goals.
  • Start implementing People Planning with solutions that streamline forecasting, analysis, payroll, benefits, and HR.

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