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Streamline financial planning and analysis in the cloud with all-in-one forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and dashboarding.

If you want to succeed, need to raise, report to investors, or want to grow your client base, you need Jirav's FP&A software solution. Purpose-built for growth companies, VC-funded companies, and accounting firms.


Financial Statements

Automate historical and pro forma financial statements, including balance sheet, income statement/profit & loss statements, and cash flow statements.

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Scenario Planning

Create and compare multiple scenarios to answer an unlimited amount of "what-if" questions. Understand the impact of a financial variable before making changes to the plan.

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Financial Modeling

Combine financial, non-financial, and operational data to build a real-time driver-based financial model without error-prone spreadsheets.


Cash Flow Forecasting

Forecast cash runway 6, 12, or event 60 months in the future.


Rolling Forecasts

Instantly create a rolling forecast and update your budgets throughout the year to regularly adapt your financial plan to reflect the current trends. 

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Workforce Planning

xP&A. Incorporate headcount costs, benefits, and taxes into your financial model to plan for individual new hires by position, capacity, or skill.


Dashboards & Reports

Instantly generate a variety of reports with client-ready or board-ready report packages. Create templatized, customizable dashboards with interactive visualizations.


Collaboration & Sharing

Share reports in seconds. Package and automatically deliver monthly financials to the right person with reusable report packages.


Annual Operating Plan

Use driver-based modeling to create and manage annual operating plans (AOP) and budgets faster than ever.

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All-in-one FP&A, Seriously!


Create budgets from next year's projected business activity, not last year's stale numbers.


Model the cash impact of key decisions. Visualize cash flows 1, 12 or even 60 months out.

Report & Dashboard

Use best practices templates or create customized reports. Beautifully fast.


Create workforce, sales, and business plans with ease using our driver-based modeling engine.


Exceeding the expectations of 1500+ growth companies and accounting firms

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