From 40 to 4 Hours Per Financial Model Forecast with Jirav


Dave Willson of ProvenCFO started out using Jirav to create pro forma financials to help clients raise capital.

His firm used to do the whole process in spreadsheets, which was painstaking. Even with a template, it took about 40 hours per company to create a three-way financial statement forecast.

With Jirav, Dave has been able to cut that process down to 4 hours per company!

Now, in the coronavirus recession, ProvenCFO is leaning on Jirav even more to do "skyfall" scenario planning and cash flow projections in just a few hours per client. Dave says it's been a huge help quickly completing Economic Impact Disaster Loan applications that require two years of financial projections.

Check out the video above to hear from Dave how Jirav saves time and enables him to do more as a consulting CFO.

About Jirav

Jirav delivers smarter financials and faster insights, helping you understand where your business has been and forecast where it’s going. Our all-in-one budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and dashboarding solution offers faster implementation and a more intuitive interface allowing finance leaders to build financial models in hours, not days, and generate financial reports in minutes, not hours.