Forecast your income statement AND your balance sheet

Smarter cash flow planning

Most cash forecasting software solutions are limited because that’s all they do. With Jirav, your cash flow forecast is integrated into our all-in-one financial planning and analysis solution designed by accountants for small and medium-sized businesses.

With a driver-based financial model, you’ll produce more accurate cash forecasts for both the short and long term. In addition to forecasting your income statement, Jirav generates a full set of future-looking (pro forma) financial statements, including your balance sheet and statement of cash flows.

Predict the impact of hiring and capital expenditures on cash. Run multiple scenarios with different assumptions to see the impact on working capital and other balance sheet items. See how your cash and working capital change over months, quarters, and even years in the future.

Use dashboards to visually forecast cash on hand for all your stakeholders

Faster cash flow forecasting

With Jirav’s comprehensive FP&A solution, your cash flow planning software is integrated with your financial model. That means you’ve always got the latest cash projections ready to go. There’s no need to export data, compile in Excel, and then tediously format just so you can generate reports.

Jirav integrates seamlessly with your cloud-based accounting system including QuickBooks, Xero, Oracle NetSuite, and Sage Intacct. Connect in minutes to import your actuals and start planning right away. Jirav handles all the formulas automatically so you can focus on what matters, instead of struggling with spreadsheets.

Share visual cash flow projection dashboards with an unlimited number of read-only users

Together we make better cash projections

Jirav’s customizable reports and intuitive dashboards make it easy to visualize historical and future cash flows for all your stakeholders. Use our built-in cash key performance indicators (KPIs), including cash on hand, operating cash flow, runway, and more. Or build your own KPIs and charts — it’s up to you. Your cash flow projection has never looked so good!

When you’re ready to share your cash flow forecast, it’s just a few clicks to share report packages and dashboards with an unlimited number of read-only users, who can then comment directly in the app for streamlined communication and feedback.



Always know where you stand with cash and working capital

Make faster decisions


Replace manual Excel reports with integrated cash flow forecasting

Deliver better reports


Grow advisory services with cash flow forecasting software

Increase your value

Why choose Jirav for cash flow forecasting software


Are you spending valuable time manually generating cash flow projections in Excel instead of actually strategizing how to improve cash flow? Whether you are a business owner, finance leader, or accounting firm, Jirav will empower you to quickly deliver accurate short- and long-term cash flow forecasts. Where accounting software leaves off, Jirav takes over, helping you make sure everyone understands not just where they've been, but where they're going.

Using Oracle NetSuite? Build cash flow forecasts using your NetSuite data via automatic import. Jirav also connects to Sage Intacct, QuickBooks, and Xero. In addition connecting your data, Jirav connects your cash flow forecast to your people. It's easy to share reports and dashboards with an unlimited number of read-only users. And you can collaborate on forecasts and budgets directly in Jirav so you never have to email an Excel spreadsheet again!

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Don Oelke

Don Oelke

Co-founder & CFO, Popspots

Jirav has been especially helpful for workforce planning because it allows you to very quickly create and remove different positions depending on the scenario. So we can very easily understand, if we hire this set of people now, how does that affect our runway? How does that affect our cash flow?