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Is Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting too expensive and/or difficult to use? Add Jirav to NetSuite for easy planning.


NetSuite's reporting is robust, but analysis capabilities leave something to be desired. Get more from your data with Jirav.


NetSuite's reporting only looks at basic KPIs within NetSuite data. Connect all your data in Jirav for the full picture.

Planning, forecasting, and budgeting for NetSuite


Exporting data from NetSuite into spreadsheets to build forecasts and budgets is time-consuming and inefficient. Jirav imports your monthly trial balance from Oracle NetSuite along with workforce and operational metrics from other apps to give you a full picture of where your company has been and forecast where it is going in a fraction of the time.

  • Update budgets and forecasts in seconds with automatic import
  • Reduce or eliminate offline spreadsheets
  • Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets, formulas, and VB coding
  • Visualize your NetSuite financials in combination with workforce and non-financial data

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NetSuite reporting without spreadsheets



Are you having a hard time getting everything you need from NetSuite reporting? Jirav integrates directly with Oracle NetSuite to automatically generate customized reports in seconds without the need for exporting and formatting in Excel.

  • Deliver visual, custom and easy-to-read reports directly to colleagues
  • Import and report on financial and operational data, not just the traditional financial statements
  • Include trended Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on reports

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Visualize your NetSuite and operational data


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the waypoints driving your business and are unique to your business. With Jirav, you have the ability to create custom KPIs to accurately set growth goals and create the plan to achieve them.

  • Customize metrics and/or use pre-built drivers
  • Customize dashboards for departments or stakeholder to visualize the KPIs important to each group
  • Give access to reports and dashboards without giving everyone access to NetSuite
  • Improve security by reducing reliance on email attachments

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Enhance Oracle NetSuite with Jirav's Business Planning Software

Want to automate all of your reporting? Ready to ditch the Excel forecasting and copy/pasting? Wish you could spend more time being a financial executive, instead of number-crunching? Plug your NetSuite ERP into Jirav’s cloud-based financial planning and analysis solution.

Jirav dramatically reduces time spent on data compilation and empowers you to better model the future of the business, ask the right questions, and offer the best advice to your colleagues. Jirav saves you countless hours while also improving security and accuracy.

  • Create driver-based financial models from your NetSuite data
  • Automatically import data from NetSuite and other partners
  • Adjust models with ease based on any number of scenarios
  • Set custom metrics and goals with top-down assumptions
  • Send reports effortlessly to colleagues in real-time
  • Know your data is secured and accessible in the cloud
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Shane Rogers-RPM

Shane Rogers

CEO, RPM Training

With Jirav, I can see a snapshot of the company today and easily change assumptions or compare scenarios to guide our decisions for the future.”

Thomas Fasullo-STR Helper

Thomas Fasuillo

CFO, STR Helper

I would say Jirav saves an average of about 50 hours versus building a financial model in Excel. It makes it very easy to create a model, clone it, make any adjustments you want and present side-by-side comparisons.