Jirav Accountant Partner Program Terms

The Jirav Accountant Partner Program Terms (the “Terms”) are made and entered into by you and Jirav, Inc., a Delaware corporation. These Terms contain the terms and conditions of the Jirav Accountant Partner Program (the “Program”).

The Program is designed to reward participating accountants and accounting firms (“Partners”) for each active partner client. An “Active Partner Client” is a Partner client that (i) is connected to a general ledger system within the Jirav application, and (ii) is tied to a purchased license.

Partners are rewarded points for each Active Partner Client depending on the Jirav product that is purchased. Reward points will be calculated by the 25th of the calendar month following each calendar quarter based on the Partner Active Clients at the end of that quarter. If a Partner has reached a new reward tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum), Jirav’s Accountant Customer Success team will reach out to you to outline your eligibility of benefits within each reward tier. For full detail regarding the points, reward tiers, and benefits please visit www.jirav.com/join-partner-program.

There are six types of rewards (“Incentives”) in the Jirav Account Partner Program: (1) Progressive wholesale pricing starting at the Bronze reward tier based on the volume of licenses purchased within Jirav’s Lite, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise products, (2) Marketing collateral and a client branded experience within the Jirav application, (3) Marketing promotions including webinars, blogs, Facebook Live, and other social media forums, (4) Marketing event dollars to be used for firm and Jirav co-sponsored events, (5) VIP Professional Service hours to help guide you on building forecasts in Jirav, and (6) Eligibility to participate in the Jirav Tower Advisory Council.

Jirav may terminate these Terms or the Program or modify the Terms or Program for any reason and at any time, at Jirav’s sole discretion, without notice. Your continued participation in the Program constitutes acceptance of these Terms and any changes. Jirav may choose to accept, decline or expel any person, accountant, accounting firm, or Partner from the Program at any time and reserves the right to terminate its relationship with any existing participant in the Program at any time.